Saphir Medaille D'or 1925 Polishing Brush

This polishing brush from Saphir gives your leather shoes a brilliant shine.

The brush from Saphir gives your all your leather shoes or boots an intense and long-lasting shine to complete their look.

The highly flexible and soft horsehair of the brush, coupled with a very solid beechwood handle, makes it a truly exceptional accessory.

Take this convenient brush along with you wherever you go for a daily touch up of your leather shoes. The brush is used to remove any remaining dust and revive the shine of your shoes.

After applying your shoe cream or polish, use the shoe shine brush at the end stage of your leather care to ensure an efficient and long-lasting shine.

Rub the leather using wide and quick strokes to achieve an optimal shine without ever damaging the shoes.

This brush is also suitable for daily use to revive the shine of your shoes and remove any dust that may have remained on them.

As a general rule, this brush requires little cleaning as it is not meant to be used with messy products. However, the strength of the horsehair makes it safe for cleaning with warm water and a dishwashing liquid.

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