The finest shoes in the world - designed by you

 Handmade in Northampton 

As the home of English shoe making, Northampton was the natural choice when looking for the most skilled craftsmen for our concept of 'design your own footwear'. Whilst elements of what we are doing may seem novelty to some, the point that has unified us throughout this process is the desire to create the finest.

Our aim is to create beautiful handmade shoes that are full of colour, texture and are personalised objects to treasure for years to come. Merging our unique software with our team of skilled craftspeople, we are believe we bring the best in the world of made to order shoes. 


Gilbert & Bailey shoe sketch


So how do we make them? 


The lasts (models) we make our shoes around are designed with an eye to the traditional and a constant gaze at the contemporary. Our shoes ooze classical elegance with patterns that include dropped top lines, bevelled waists and so many other features rarely found outside the world of fully bespoke. 

The result is a piece of engineering that merges function with art. 

At Gilbert & Bailey, we dont believe in spending weeks trying to “break-in” your shoes. We aim to make shoes that are incredibly comfortable as quickly as possible, we do this by applying the utmost attention to detail to every stage of the design and production phase. All of our shoes and lasts are available readily from size 5 to 13 in an E fitting, should you need an alternate size or fitting, please do contact us and we will accomodate your wish as best we can.

The quality of raw material is paramount to make these shoes in the manner we do. Read more about our leathers here. 

Gilbert & Bailey shoe sketch 

 Where do we make them? 


Our team of master craftsmen (and indeed women) all share a vision of old and new.

As you now know, our shoes are shaped by traditional shapes, lines, craft and elegance yet meet the texture, colour, cut and advancement of today. And to do this, Northampton is our ultimate location. This is where our team of master craftsmen of over 180 years expeirence bewteen them create the finest shoes.

Unlike many we choose to only make the best, handwelting, lasting and finishing each pair of our shoes only explains part of the 200+ steps it takes before your shoe is complete. The final stage being the all important sign off by Gilbert and Bailey themselves. 

We think ours are one step in front of the others -  afterall we truly put you in the design seat.   

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