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Nothing says you care more at Christmas than a truly special, bespoke gift.


Christmas is a time for luxury and opulence and nothing says more than a bespoke gift.   Gilbert & Bailey enable customers to give the magic of Christmas with bespoke footwear; designed by the buyer themselves to create a truly personal, high quality gift.

Set in Northamptonshire, the heart of middle England where world-renowned shoemakers excel in their craftsmanship, our shoes are truly unique and special.

Gilbert & Bailey handmade shoes bridge the gap between tradition and innovation. With the latest technology, we take the customer on a personal style journey through an easy step-by-step process.  We enable the buyer to capture the tastes and personality of their loved ones, and we’re certain they’ll want to design and buy a pair for themselves too!

Customers can simply log on to and start designing. There is no cost until the purchase is made at the checkout, giving them the freedom to be creative until they are happy with their creations.   Users can choose from a number of shapes, sizes, patterns and materials, including exotic skin options such as Crocodile and Ostrich. 

A pair of Gilbert & Bailey shoes is a truly thoughtful, special gift.  Likewise, we make and sell a stunning range of wallets, belts and accessories which make for perfect stocking fillers and presents.

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Notes for editor:


Gilbert & Bailey offers it's customers the chance to commission their own bespoke shoe designs from anywhere in the world, using our unique software.  We want to give our customers the freedom to design their own footwear and the ease, through our bespoke website, with which to do so. Our shoes are entirely hand crafted, a process that on even the most simple of design takes no less than 10 weeks and over 200 steps to complete.  

Our lasts and patterns reflect the traditions of old with a modern, streamlined elegance that makes them suitable for the most striking contemporary and also the most classic, timeless designs.   

The shaped waists, dropped top lines and other subtle bespoke touches raise what would otherwise be a perfectly good and functional English-made shoe into an exceptional handcrafted work of art.  

We’re injecting colour, life and vibrancy into this very traditional industry through a choice of leathers, patterns and bespoke options.  

All of our shoes are handmade in Northampton, the traditional home of English shoemaking, by master craftsmen with a combined skills base of hundreds of years. We want our business to support and nurture the local area. All of our designs and processes are built from centuries old traditions with a touch of 21st century innovation.

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